Where to Get Lobster Rolls in Metro Detroit

You don鈥檛 have to travel to New England to try this coastal delight.
Hazel's summer Lobster Pound serves up tasty Maine-style and Connecticut-style lobster rolls. // Photograph courtesy of Hazel's

Debates have raged for years about the 鈥減roper鈥 way to prepare a New England lobster roll 鈥攃old or hot? Mayo or butter? Garlic or chives? But one thing is for certain: there鈥檚 something undeniably summery about biting into fresh, succulent lobster meat piled atop a soft, buttery bun.

If Michigan鈥檚 summer heat has you craving this delicacy, you don鈥檛 have to travel to the East Coast to get one. Here are six local places to get your lobster roll fix this summer.


Since 2019, this eclectic downtown Birmingham eatery has taken advantage of summer鈥檚 quieter weeks by experimenting with a lobster-focused menu called 贬补锄别濒鈥檚 Lobster Pound. This special menu is served from July until September and features a Maine-style lobster roll, which is served cold with a mayonnaise dressing; or a Connecticut-style roll, served with hot drawn butter. The menu also offers whole lobsters, lobster cobb salad, lobster bisque, and other classic New England-style shellfish dishes. Visiting outside of the summer months? Hot and cold lobster rolls are on the spring 鈥淓astern Shore Menu,鈥 which is available April through June.听贬补锄别濒鈥檚, ; .听

Pearl鈥檚 Deep Dive

The New England lobster roll features a Maine lobster on toasted brioche with malt vinegar aioli. It comes with house chips for $27. Other menu options at this seafood spot include lobster dumplings, jumbo lump crab cake, seared sea scallops, and more.听Pearl鈥檚 Deep Dive, ; .

The Lobster Food Truck

The Best of Detroit winner for Best Food Truck in 2020, 2021, and 2022, serves up a lobster-centric menu all year long. The hot lobster butter roll is a favorite. Other menu features include seafood mac and cheese, and seafood tacos. Watch for the truck at Comerica Park and around town, or stop at their brick-and-mortar location. The Lobster Pitstop, ; .

Joe Muer Seafood (Detroit)

Visit this local seafood institution (and 2021 Best of Detroit winner for Best Seafood Restaurant) Detroit location at lunchtime for a chance to try its gourmet take on the lobster roll. Fresh Maine lobster meat is tossed in a creamy, mayonnaise-based Louis dressing and infused with brandy.听Joe Muer Seafood, ; .

Tom鈥檚 Oyster Bar

In addition to its signature oyster towers, the menu at this downtown Royal Oak seafood spot includes a New England-style Lobster roll, which features coldwater lobster tossed in a light house dressing. It鈥檚 served with kettle chips or fries, and comes in two sizes: small for $21 and large for $31. Tom鈥檚 Oyster Bar, ; .

Cousins Maine Lobster

This food truck serves three options of lobster rolls. The Maine features Maine lobster, served chilled, with a touch of mayo on a New England roll, and The Connecticut is made with Maine lobster, served warm with butter and lemon, on a New England roll. If you鈥檙e not feeling lobster, The Crab offers North Atlantic crab either served chilled with mayo or warm with butter and lemon. Other menu options include lobster tots, lobster grilled cheese, and more. Cousins Maine Lobster, various locations; .

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